Infinix First Smartphone with Pop-up Selfie is in Motion; Is it the S6?

Infinix Mobility is by no questions, one of the significant players in the alliance of mobile phones in Nigeria and African markets overall, together with the likes of Tecno and iTel, despite the fact that we realize that they are every one of the three people in a single body. "Transsion Holdings, I see you in that spot.."

Selfies (self-portrait digital photograph) is the trend these days, thanks to selfie cameras, Infinix makes some great selfie camera mobiles. In fact, Infinix selfie camera phones are amongst the top-selling selfie camera mobiles.

2019 was for sure an extraordinary year for Infinix Mobility. The company made name for itself in the sales of not many of her devices, particularly for the Hot 8 and the Infinix S5, the two of which are as yet selling like hot cake. Be that as it may, the company isn't happy to take the risk of praising a soon-maturing greatness, and on the off chance that present bits of gossip are valid, at that point, the Infinix may as of now have a device with pop up camera in motion, which could either be an S5 Pro or the all-new Infinix S6.

One of the major selling point of the current S5 and the S5 Lite is the use of an in-screen selfie camera, which help the device to achieve above 80% screen-to-body ratio. The upcoming S5 Pro or the Infinix S6 is expected to continue the trend, but this time, instead of an in-screen selfie, the device will come with the pop-up selfie camera, leading to even better screen-to-body ratio.

The image above is the rumored Infinix S6 with its pop-up selfie and almost a bezel-less display. In a recent interview quoted by WhatsMobile, Infinix’s CEO Mr. Benjamin Jiang said;

Q1 of 2020 will be the most surprising year for the camera lovers, and Infinix will be introducing Pop-Up selfie camera phones with mind-blowing tech innovations.

The only selfie-focused smartphone series from Infinix we know is the S-series. But this might not be the only Infinix device to boast pop-selfie. Hot 9 has also been rumored to come with a similar selfie camera, and if the specifications of the Hot S-series are to be followed, then the upcoming S6 might come with above 6.5-inch display, a Mediatek CPU, up to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

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