Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode: 13 tips and tricks to win

Call of Duty Mobile recently got a Zombies mode with the new season update. It brings three sub game modes: Normal Raid, Hardcore Raid and Survival. When the match starts, you find yourself with teammates inside a house, everyone has a pistol, and within seconds, that house is going to be attacked by a zombie horde. There are eight waves of zombies and if you survive all, you get to meet the boss as a final challenge. We have some tips for you to win the Normal Raid matches in the Zombies mode

1.     Block all the windows

 The first thing to concentrate upon when you begin the match is to block all the windows in the house with planks (it happens automatically when you stand in front of the windows), eliminate zombies as they try to break in passively stock up valuable points from the shooting to purchase better weapons and Buffs later.

2.    Keep moving

Be quick on your feet and keep moving. Because it gets difficult to move even if a single zombie gets close. And impossible if there are multiple ones. Move, reload and shoot.

3.     Keep distance when shooting

Try to keep some distance from zombies when shooting. They don't die with a single shot.

4.     Go for the head

Aiming for their heads kills the zombies faster and you will save ammo. Going for the head can be difficult in the case of multiple zombies but try whenever possible.

5.     Keep repairing the windows

Keep repairing the windows. Especially if you plan on taking on all eight waves comprised of zombie hordes and zombie dogs from inside the house only. It helps in increasing your score also. Repairing the windows helps slow down the zombie influx.

6.     Buffs are not to be ignored

Out of the five teammates, at least two of them can go downstairs and get the Buffs if possible after round 4 or 5. Because unless you have killed plenty of zombies, you won’t have enough points to buy the Buffs. So, decide beforehand who all are going to purchase the Buffs. These weapons kill zombies quicker and in bunches too. In the later stages of the game, it becomes difficult to reach their location due to increased number of zombies. A total of three buffs are available each of which can be upgraded five times.

7.      Get guns that fit in more ammo

There are some guns that can fit in more ammo like the PDW-57 and the AK117. You can ditch the pistol and get these two for more damage.

8.     Get a teammate to protect you when you are reviving another in the earlier stages, 

try this when a buddy calls for help: Get a third teammate to protect you when you are reviving another as you can’t shoot.

9.     Save revive tokens for later

Save your revive tokens for later stages of the game especially if you are playing Hardcore Raid and Survival. Saving the revive tokens may not look like much but if you have secured two rifles like PDW 57 and AK117 in your loadout, they will vanish after you revive yourself with a token. And the advantage would be lost. You would have to go all the way to get the guns again.

10.     Keep an eye on the map

Keep an eye on the map to keep track of the location of zombies.

11.     Keep buying the reload ammo

Keep buying the reload ammo (250 points) so as not to run out of bullets.

12.   Move out of the house in later stages

Move out of the house in later stages when stronger zombies attack so there is space to move and shoot.

13.     Use electric traps to fry zombies

There are some electric traps in the map, both inside and outside houses. Use them to fry the zombies. But first you need 750 points to activate the trap.
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