10 things you must do to prevent eye diseases caused by constant use of smartphones

1/10:While we all are aware that the constant usage of smartphones, tablets and other electronic items have an adverse effect on our eyes, we really don’t do much about it. This is because our lifestyle and work simply doesn’t allow us to discard these devices.

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Blue light from smartphones and other devices is the prime concern

According to the optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo, blue light transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers.

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The study proved that the constant exposure to blue light may cause eye diseases or even accelerate blindness by the time a person touches 50 years
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Simple measures at a young age might prevent irreversible eye diseases by the time you retire

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Always switch on the Blue Light filter on the display settings of the smartphone

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Opt for high - quality screen protectors with Blue Light filters

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If your work involves constant stares at laptop screens then go for regular eye checkups
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Consult a doctor to get a proper eye - drop to help nourish your eyes
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Don’ t stare at screens in complete darkness
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It is a good habit to wash your eyes at regular intervals throughout the day to feel relaxed

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