LEAGOO Power 5 will be supporting the 7.5W wireless charging see specifications

One of the key features of any smartphone that interest users is big battery. And we’ve seen a great variety of big battery phones launched on the market. It seems that long battery life and fast charge is now becoming the new standard.

Among these big battery phones, LEAGOO Power 5 stands out with 7000mAh battery and 5V5A ultra fast charging. It can charge 35% battery power within 30mins and get full charge with only 2.5 hours. When fully charged, its battery can last up to 4 days!

Despite the facts that there are many big battery phones for sale in the market, they are all lacking one most important feature – wireless charging!

For the camera, the Power 5 is equipped with SONY® 13MP + 5MP rear dual camera as well as SONY® 13MP front camera. It also supports wireless charging and Android 8.1 OS.

The Power 5 is priced at $229.99 and will be released in May! What do you think?

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